The Bakery

In the Old Bakery the bread was baked for Eoux and around. The old oven facade features the living and kitchen area. Large doors open directly to the terrace and the garden. Alongside runs a small stream (not even knee deep).
The Old Bakery offers a subtle mix of French rural history and contemporary comfort.
There are three bedrooms. One is a special childrens room with a wall to paint on and a dress-up-box. It has three single beds and a bedstead. The master bedroom has a twin bed. The house of 120m² is well-sized for max. 6 guests.  There is a BBQ, WiFi, and a dishwasher and washing machine available. The fields bordering the garden are part of the property. The Mill and Bakery have their own privacy.

The swimming pool is beyond the courtyard and will also be used by the guests in the mill. It runs by electrolyse, so the water is pleasantly salty and has no chloride added. It is 20m² and three and a half feet deep. Half is dug in, to level with the wooden terrace alongside.